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  • Fairfield Educational Article of the Month - Groundhog Prevention Tips: How To Keep Groundhogs Away

Groundhog Prevention Tips: How To Keep Groundhogs Away

Groundhog Prevention Tips: How To Keep Groundhogs Away

Fairfield Groundhogs are herbivores which make it feed upon vegetation which may even be your house yard. What’s more is that they make a mess out of it while doing so and if this process is left to continue unchecked a time will come when your entire garden is damaged and you have also got an infestation of groundhogs. In order to avoid these here are some simple tips which will help you keeping the Connecticut Groundhogs away.

Using Fences
Using a wire mesh fence along with the usual fence around the entire perimeter of your garden is an effective way to keep the Fairfield groundhogs away. Before the fencing you need to dig a trench of about 1-foot-deep, wrap the wire mesh around the posts and plant it into the trench. This will prevent a Connecticut groundhog from digging through underground in order to enter. Couple it up with traps and you have an extremely effective solution.

Using Traps
To rid of all groundhogs from your garden you got to catch and remove them. Nothing works better than the good old fashioned trap. Now before you set up the traps ensure that the entry points of the burrows are sealed bar one through which they will escape. Wait with the trap near the remaining entry point and slam the door shut as soon as it walks into the trap. Alternately you can also use a bait in the form of vegetables and cover the trap cage with leaves in order to hide it. Unknowingly it will walk in finding food and when it pulls on the bait, the trap door slams shut. Take it somewhere away from your house and then release it.

Using Repellents
Repellents can be used to keep Fairfield groundhogs away and eggs, castor oil and pepper are very good options for that. Locate the burrows in which they live in, add these ingredients and cover them up with dirt. Groundhogs on sensing this undesired smell won’t come back to their burrows. A more effective solution is to make a mixture of all the above ingredients and water and use it as a liquid spray and apply it all over the Fairfield garden, which will keep the groundhogs away and they will find an alternate place bar your yard to set up their home. An effective use of all the above steps will help you keep the groundhogs away. Refrain from using poison as it is not the most humane way and more often the animals die a slow painful death. After you have gotten rid of them make sure to reinforce your Connecticut house and yard with proper wire meshed fences to prevent re-entry.

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