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  • Fairfield Educational Article of the Month - Pigeon Trapping: How To Trap A Pigeon

Pigeon Trapping: How To Trap A Pigeon

Pigeon Trapping: How To Trap A Pigeon

Pigeons are very clever Fairfield birds that are seen in almost every city across the globe. Though they do not do any harm to us but salmonella is the horrible disease which is being sprayed by them and also the nest of this bird at home attract other irritating pests like bedbugs. So, it is always better to remove them from our Connecticut house or yard. Pigeon trapping is probably the best way to get them out of the home, the process of this trapping is explained here in full detail.

Buy a trap:
Many Fairfield pigeon traps are available in the market such as lethal trap, live trap, etc. and I would recommend to have the live trap. You can always relocate and release the captured pigeons and they will not come back again, so why to kill them unnecessarily? Look for a bigger trap so as to trap several Connecticut pigeons at a time.

Place some bait:
Do not place the trap first rather select the place where the trap is to be placed and bait there for few days. When the pigeons start to attend the place regularly to have foods, place the trap. Also litter some food inside the trap so that they get inside it. But make sure the place where the trap is placed is secure and no other pests or birds are attracted there. The live cage trap is designed such a way that once anything gets inside it, they get trapped and can’t come out. So, notice if any Connecticut pigeon is captured there and once 8-10 pigeons are captured, consider them for relocating. A big trap is better than the small one to trap many pigeons at a time. Cracked corn is the best thing to use as bait as pigeons will be easily attracted to it.

Relocate the pigeons:
This bird is very intelligent already said and this is why they can easily get back to their roost even from far distance. So, drive a long distance far away from your property and release the pigeons there. This trapping method will only work in case the pigeons have started their roost very recently. But if they are living in your Fairfield property for long days, they will definitely find their way to get back again and you need to look for other methods then to drive them away from the Connecticut home or yard.

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